Smoking Cessation Corporate Workplace Employer Programme Options

Programme Options for Employers

We offer a range of solutions to work with your organisation:


Specialists use a range of individual methods drawn from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Clinical Hypnotherapy and Stress Management. Read more about our methodologies here.

(We also able to offer these as "CBT, Visualisation and Stress Management" for environments where the words hypnosis or hypnotherapy would not be deemed to be appropriate)

Group Smoking Cessation Sessions

Our most cost-effective solution.
Available at your workplace or offsite.
Capacity: 8-15 smokers
Structure: 3.0 to 3.5 hour single session - with a 90 min optional follow-up session for those that need it. Individuals also receive a Self-Hypnosis CD for Relaxation and Smoking Cessation as well as skills training in personal Stress Management and Relaxation techniques.

Recommended payment option:
company pays 75% and employee pays 25%. If employee returns to smoking they pay the company contribution back to the company.

We do not recommend that your company funds this 100%. Individual financial contribution is important and raises the involvement and commitment to the process.

Call us for these rates - or download our Business Case Spreadsheet.

Option for non-smoking employees:
Personal stress management skills for the workplace

In order to ensure equal benefits for non-smoking employees we recommend that you also offer our very cost-efficient and effective Stress Management Training:

Calm, clear and cool: personal stress skills for the workplace
A 2 hour training session where employees learn how recognise what unnecessarily causes stress and personal techniques for lowering their own levels of stress and anxiety – leading to greater productivity, and increased personal health and well-being.

As this training can be offered in larger groups than smoking cessation and is of shorter duration the cost per attendee is considerably lower.

NOTE: two birds with one stone
As smoking is considered a coping strategy for stress (studies have shown that stress is the main reason why quitters return to smoking) our Smoking Cessation Group Session covers stress coping skills in depth. Therefore offering both these two programmes together can be considered and effective way of both addressing both Smoking Cessation and Stress Management in the workplace.


One-on-One sessions at 10 Harley Street

These are identical to the sessions that are offered to Harley Street clients and include a 90 – 120 minute one-on-one session with a leading Harley St Therapist, a free CD for ongoing training in relaxation and stress management – and an additional 60 minute one-on-one booster session for those who need the additional support. These sessions take place in the Private Consulting Rooms at 10 Harley St.

We have negotiated special reductions for your company for these exclusive one-on-one sessions. Simply register with us to be able to offer these rates to your senior executives.

Usual Harley St fee per individual: £295

Call us for these rates - or download our Business Case Spreadsheet.

We can also come onsite and offer one-on-one sessions on your premises (minimum of four sessions to be booked in a day) at an additional discount.






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A range of options to suit every budget and every workplace

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