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Benefits for Employers

  1. At least a ten fold return on investment within the first year (download our Business Case Spreadsheet for detailed costings and ROI).

  2. Give 25% of your workforce an indirect wage rise of £2000/year - at no cost to you! (Average 20/day smoker who successfully quits.)

  3. Time-efficient. Our single session Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions take less time (3.5 hours) and take place in a single afternoon rather than a typical set of stop smoking sessions (6-12 hours spread over as man weeks)

  4. Improved productivity, collaboration and morale as key employees take fewer sick days and no smoking breaks - and as non-smokers appreciate the increased productivity of colleagues.

  5. Improved external company image - less smokers huddled around outside smoking.

  6. Lower health insurance premiums.

  7. Reduced fire risk - and consequently lower building insurance premiums.

  8. Improved internal company. Perceived as a socially responsible, caring employer both by employees and their families.

  9. Greater employee retention.

  10. Less risk of losing key staff (and company knowledge) to lung cancer and other smoking related illnesses.

  11. Pride as an employer that you are helping to tackle the No. 1 health issue in the UK today - and the leading cause of preventable death in the Western world.

  12. Even more pride as an employer in knowing that you haven't simply pushed smoking out of the workplace and into the home - where there could be greater exposure to children from increased second hand smoke.

  13. Reduced risk of new legislation and consequent fines.

  14. Can be considered part of your corporate Stress Management Programme.

  15. Turn-key/Outsourced solution: we won't be training your entire management team or trying to create a whole new "organisational awareness". You have enough to do running your business. Let us reduce the numbers of smokers in your workforce.


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"Supporting employees to quit will give them an instant wage rise - for an average 20/day smoker that's an extra £2,000 a year of disposable income"


"Smokers take an average of 40 minutes of smoking breaks a day resulting in 1 lost month of productivity per year."
2Europe Research Study


On average 25% of your workforce are smokers - and over 70% of them WANT to quit.

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