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Resources and Links on Smoking for Employers

Seeking Savings, Employers Help Smokers Quit
New York Times article on how employers are increasingly funding corporate smoking cessation with programmes in place at Boeing, Caterpillar, IBM, UPS as well as many other leading companies

UK Statistics on Smoking

From the Office for National Statistics. Lader D and Meltzer H (2001) Smoking related behaviour and. attitudes.

Scottish study on costs of employees in workforce
Funded by the Scottish Health Education Board

2006 Research paper by 2Europe on costs of smoking in the workplace and benefits to employers of smoking cessation programmes.

NICE costing spreadsheet:
National Institute Of Clinical Excellence's detailed costing spreadsheet

NICE guidance for workplace smoke-free policies :

NICE press release coverage
Guardian: Firms urged to help smokers quit

British Chamber of Commerce Response to NICE recommendations
Guardian coverage of business leaders blasting the NICE recommendations

BBC news: smokers take over 30 minutes in smoking breaks per day: Benenden Healthcare Society estimates that smokers take 3.2 breaks per day for 9.5 minutes each break – just over 30 minutes a day.

US Surgeon General's speech - giving cost estimates of $4600 per employee. An impassioned review of smoking history and policy by one of the most influential figures on US health habits.

Smoke-free workplaces are good for business
Well sourced article (August 2006) from the ANR

Employers Guide to Smoking Cessation

Indepth white paper for employers from PACT - an American organisation promoting smoking cessation

The Cost of Smoking to Business
An article detailing business costs from the American Cancer Society

Summary of management attitudes to smokers
73% would hire non-smoker over a smoker - but only 44% thought they had a duty to help

BBC: Hidden costs of smoking
Smokers spend £676 a year on their habit, before the cost of cigarettes is even taken into account, a study says.
Buying cleaning products, life insurance and tailored products such as toothpaste help to bump up the hidden costs, the NHS Smoking Helpline said. The research said an average 20-a-day smoker can expect to shell out £2,500 a year in total.

BBC: Each cigarette cuts life by 11 minutes

BBC: Q & A on Smoking Ban

BBC: World-wide movement to ban smoking


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Each smoker takes on average 25 minutes in smoking breaks per day - a 5.7% drop in productive time

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"71% of smokers
to quit"
(Lader D. and Meltzer H. Smoking related behavior and attitudes. Office for National Statistics 2001)

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