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Effective, affordable smoking cessation programmes from the UK's leading specialist provider

We can demonstrate that workplace smoking cessation makes good business sense - regaining lost productivity, reducing absenteeism, cutting insurance premiums and enhancing company image.

Our solutions give employers peace of mind as they are carefully constructed to reduce any financial risk to the employer.

Most importantly: smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the UK and stopping smoking is the most important decision your employees can make about their health.


Download our free Business Case Spreadsheet - and find out how much smokers are really costing your company

In reviewing corporate response to smoking cessation a US study noted that companies routinely:

i) Fail to understand the strength of the business case for workplace smoking cessation

ii) Underestimate the number of smokers in their workforce and the level of demand for such programmes

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Our spreadsheet calculates how many smokers are in your workforce (based on data from the UK Office of National Statistics) - AND the real business impact of smokers on your bottom line.

Unique Zero Risk smoking cessation programme options

We have a range of solutions to suit every company situation. From Group programmes to one-on-one sessions for your senior executives.

And our unique Zero Risk programme options mean you don't lost out if smokers fail to quit. Read more here....


The only dedicated Smoking Cessation Service with UK's leading Smoking Cessation specialists!

Our solutions help individuals and groups stop smoking quickly, effectively and permanently. We bring the individual excellence and expertise of acknowledged Smoking Cessation experts to your company. Harley St comes to your office!

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Each smoker takes on average 25 minutes in smoking breaks per day - a 5.7% drop in productive time

Smoking % by Job Type
16% of professionals
20% of managers
26% of supervisor
32% of manual workers
(Source: Uk Office of National Statistics 2005 Survey)

We can confidently state
that our programmes will
give employers a minimum five-fold return within
the first year.

650,000 Europeans die each year from tobacco-related diseases, EU figures reveal.


"Smoking causes an estimated 86,500 deaths in England each year, and is responsible for a wide range of diseases and conditions including cancers, coronary heart disease, impotence and infertility," said National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) Chief Executive Andrew Dillon

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